Bookish Babbles: The Shining

Lately my boyfriend and I have been watching the SAW series on Netflix. Which has inspired in me a need to Read more horror. One of the books I read was The Shining by Stephen King.


The story mostly takes place in the Overlook Hotel (which is fictional) located in the Colorado Rockies. The Shinning is centered around the life and times of Jack Torrance. Who is a recovering alcoholic and writer. Jack, who recently lost his job as a teacher, takes a job at the Overlook, a dark and hunted hotel, to be the winter caretaker. Because the hotel will be completely shut off from the world for the entirety of winter Jack’s family accompanies him to his new job. Danny, Jack and Wendy’s son, has psychic abilities that allow him to see horrible things about the hotel and it’s past. Soon after winter hits in full force the Torrance family in snowbound and seizing the opportunity the supernatural forces the reside at the Overlook destroy what is left of Jack’s sanity and leaves Danny and Wendy is great danger.




The Shinning is a horror novel by Stephen King. An interesting fact about the novel is that the characters and setting are influenced by King’s personal experiences. This was also King’s third published novel and his first hardback best seller.

I really enjoyed this novel because it left me in suspense and chilled. I had seen bits and pieces of the movie but it’s nothing like the movie. The slow progression of Jack losing his sanity was nice versus when the main character is sane one day and crazy the next. Getting to see Jack fall apart was a nice refreshing drink of cool water. Also Danny was such a lovable character. We got to see him grow from being a scared little boy to a young man who defends his mother from his abusive father. When there is conflict in a parents marriage it does affect the child(ren). Danny from the beginning of the novel knows that there is something going on between his parents, he even knows that his mother is thinking of divorce even though he doesn’t know what that word means. Danny understands much for such a young child but during the novel he encounters words that other people think or Tony (the little boy who lives in Danny’s mouth and shows him things). However I had some issues with Wendy. She was useless and couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag. I hate to say that but its true. A couple of times in the novel she was off to a good start, protecting Danny and then she’d do something that would have me screaming at the book. (I am trying to not give spoilers even though this is an older book some people haven’t read it and don’t enjoy spoilers. I personally sometimes like spoliers and other times I don’t.)

I really like Stephen King’s books and the way he can set the setting to where you feel like you are there. He writes scenes that have your heart pounding and you feel like you are in them instead of the main chacaters. I recommend reading his books and I will be reading more myself.

Notes from CheyenneReads:

I set up my reviews differently and I like this way more than the old way. They aren’t entirely where I would like them to be but slowly and surely we are getting there. Please let me know what you think of the layout and the review. Have you read any of King’s books? Which one is your favorite.

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