Winter Reading Routine

Now that it is officially winter I wanted to share my winter reading routine. Now I’ve never really been one to change the way I read based on the season however, here lately I’ve gotten into the habit of having a winter reading routine. I believe that this is because I have more time to use for myself since I am on break from college and because my work schedule is still set for when college is in session.


What books I Reading:

The first thing I wanted to share are the book(s) that I am currently reading and the form in which I am reading them. The first book I am reading is Mistletoe Magic by Fern DSCN1541Michaels because I wanted something Christmas-y to read and I am reading this as a physical book. The second book I am reading is City of Ashes (The Immortal Instruments #2)  by Cassandra Clare as an audio book. I decided to re-read the first couple books of this series because it has been a long time since I read them and because I have since started to watch the series on Freeform and I am ready to return to the shadow world.


Reading Setting:

Lately my favorite place to read is my bed. Which I don’t read in often because it makes me sleepy, I even have a hard time laying in bed watching Netflix without falling asleep. While reading in bed I am munching on some of the Christmas snacks I’ve been making. Ever since I read the To All the Boys I’ve Loved trilogy I have been really into baking some of my favorite treats I’ve made are Creamsicle Fudge, Turtles, and Grinch Cookies.

Turtle candy freshly made

I also like to drink some hot coco while I read. I use my Keurig to make my hot coco and then I usually add some extra coco powder because I like it extra chocolaty and if I have any I’ll add a peppermint stick or whipped cream. And then for ambiance I have been watching a live video on YouTube of a crackling fire and Christmas music. Now I turn the volume on my TV waayyy down so that it is more like soft background music and won’t distract me from my reading. To help give the illusion that the fire is real I will like the candles that I keep on my book case which also helps give my room a nice winter scent and keeps it from smelling like I have two dogs. This is the way I have been reading my physical book for my audio book I listen to that while I am wrapping presents or shopping or even while I am in the car driving different Christmas events.


What I wear?

I am all for being comfortable. So I go for my fuzzy Grinch sleepwear or some jogger sweat pants and a worn out t-shirt. I also like to wear cozy socks and wrap up in a big

Grinch Cookies I made for my boyfriend and his work buddies. They were a hit.

blanket (because I am forever freezing). So I also go for simple because I can’t focus on reading if am I constantly having to re-adjust my shirt or any of my clothing. I want to be entirely immersed in the world of my book.

I am really enjoying the my new reading habit. It is comfy and winter-y, it gets me into the holiday spirit. I am not one to read a certain type of book depending on the season or month but I did want to pick up a feel good Christmas story to get in the spirit. I would love to know what you guys are reading and what your reading routine is for the winter. So leave a comment below and we can chat about it.

As always the books are linked and I will also link the recipes and video in case you want to check those out. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know by giving it a like. And make sure to comment what you are reading and stay tuned for more posts.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!!


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